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Mobile Puncture Repair Service

Mobile Hot Tyres can fit new tyres at home, work, anywhere. However, you might not realise that our technicians are fully trained to assess and repair punctures, too.

A puncture is one of a driver’s most frustrating experiences. Especially as it’s often discovered just when we want to go somewhere. Flat tyres mostly occur when a nail, screw or glass splinter pierces the tyre casing. The air escapes, and the tyre deflates.

For maximum safety on road it is important for effective and reliable tyre repairs that are performed in accordance to the Australia standard. The most common damage to tyres is without a doubt tread puncture.

Damage to tyres can be classified into major and minor repairs.

Minor repairs consist of damage limited to rubber only or tread punctures. These types of tyre damage can be repaired using minor repair methodology as per the Australian Standard.

Where tyre damage exceeds the standard limits, then damage will be classified as major damage requiring a different repair methodology to be applied.

If repair is possible, we’ll make it our priority to get your tyre patched and get you on your way as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, not all punctures are created equal some can’t be repaired, for example, punctures in the sidewall. Our mobile tyre service technician will bring a replacement tyre of your choosing to ensure that you can get straight back on the road in the event that your tyre cannot be repaired!. Rest assured, we’ll only replace if absolutely necessary and we’ll be more than happy to show you why.

Repair Guidelines

To comply with Australian safety standards, Mobile Hot Tyres will only repair a tyre if it fits the following criteria:

• Tyre’s must be removed from the rim and inspected inside prior
• Never repair a tyre that is outside the limits of repair detailed in the Australian Standard
• Punctures, classified as a minor damage are only located in the tread area, any puncture or protrusion injury into sidewall or shoulder cannot be classified as minor and may not be repaired.
• Technicians should be trained and competent in identifying damage and repair methods that meet the Australian Standard and in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Tyre repair material used must not be beyond expiry date, consist of matching components and attention should be paid to the proven quality of the products.