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Tyres are an integral part of any vehicle. They are bigger and more specialized in heavy motor vehicles such as trucks, buses and trailers. As crucial as they are, they can be expensive also. This is one of the main reasons why truck owners resort to second hand truck tyres. But finding a reliable centre to purchase good-quality second hand tyres is a task.

Mobile Hot Tyres is a renowned provider of all kinds of truck tyre repairs and services. We have been in the industry for a considerable time and understand the needs and requirements of every truck owner. Our expert mechanics are specialised in the trade of onsite truck tyre repair service and offer comprehensive solutions to all your issues.

Besides the services wing, we deal with good-quality, cheap second hand truck tyres. We source the stock from reliable owners and every tyre is tested and passed through an intricate quality-check program to ensure that they are in good condition. Our aim is to provide cheap truck tyres without compromising their quality. We have an array of brands such as Bridgestone, Dunlop, Good Year, Michelin and more, available with us.

Why Choose Mobile Hot Tyres?


As we are available 24/7, we reach your location quickly and do the necessary repair works. This ensures that the tyres are fixed in no time and you can get back on your journey. Unlike a normal service centre, which has fixed work timings, we are there to attend to you round the clock.

Cost Effective

We procure the tyres in bulk and hence the prices are the cheapest in Sydney. We understand that some truck owners might not be in a position to shell out a lot for a new tyre and we have it covered for them at Hot Tyres.

Quick Solutions

Our expert are quick and hence the removing, repair or fitting of tyres happen in no time. Our team provide cheap truck tyres without compromising their quality.